Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your PondCreating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

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Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

When I first bought my home, I was unsure about the man-made pond in the backyard. The water was green and there was no wildlife to be seen. I decided to work with the water feature instead of spending money on fill materials to get rid of the pond. I added a water fountain to the space first that featured a submersible pump and I later added fish. After installing a filtration system and an aeration device, my pond became the central landscaping feature on my property. I made a lot of mistakes as I completed the installations. I had to learn about the biological filtration and I had to figure out how to control algae with shade plants. I want you to have an easier time than I did creating a water feature, so read my blog to find out what you need to do.


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3 Ways To Clean Your Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be a wonderful way to offer you lighting flexibility and privacy, but many people are intimidated by them because they seem difficult to clean. However, the horizontal slats can be easily cleaned if you have some ideas about how to do it. Here are a few ways that you can keep your blinds free from dust and stains.

Use an Old Sock

One of the best ways to clean your blinds is to use clean, old socks. Simply slide an old sock over your hand, and run your hand over each individual slat. You will find that the dust sticks to the sock, and you have enough control with your hands that you are able to reach every part of each slat and can clean them completely.

Use Your Bathtub

If you don't have the patience to clean each individual slat, you can also enlist the help of your bathtub to clean your blinds. All you have to do is to unscrew the blinds from the window, fill the tub with warm water and submerge the blinds in the bathtub. If you wish, you can add a few drops of dish or laundry detergent to the water.

After the blinds have soaked for a while, use a cloth to wipe away dust. If there are stubborn stains, get an old toothbrush and brush the slat until the stain dissolves. To dry the blinds, use towels.

If you have wood blinds, it is important that you avoid putting the blinds in water, as the slats will absorb water and can become warped.

Use a Garden Hose

If you don't have a bathtub, or your blinds are too big to fit into it, do not despair. You can take your blinds outside and use a hose to clean them. When you do this, make sure you put down a tarp or sheet so that your blinds don't pick up additional debris from the dirt or grass. Because you can't soak the blinds, consider using a soft-bristled brush or a wet cloth to remove dust from the slats as you hose them down.

Again, wood blinds should not be cleaned this way, as they may warp after being exposed to water.

Now that you have some cleaning ideas for your blinds, use each tip to see what works best for you. You'll discover that keeping your Venetian blinds clean is easier than you may have thought.