Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your PondCreating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

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Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

When I first bought my home, I was unsure about the man-made pond in the backyard. The water was green and there was no wildlife to be seen. I decided to work with the water feature instead of spending money on fill materials to get rid of the pond. I added a water fountain to the space first that featured a submersible pump and I later added fish. After installing a filtration system and an aeration device, my pond became the central landscaping feature on my property. I made a lot of mistakes as I completed the installations. I had to learn about the biological filtration and I had to figure out how to control algae with shade plants. I want you to have an easier time than I did creating a water feature, so read my blog to find out what you need to do.


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3 Fun Things To Make Picture Frames Out Of

Pictures do an amazing job of capturing great memories and snapshots of our lives that we want to remember forever. Having some of our favorite pictures displayed in picture frames can help us to remember awesome people and experiences more often because we will be able to see them more often. While regular wood or metal picture frames are great, you can really get creative and make your own picture frames out of so many different items. This article will discuss 3 fun things to make picture frame out of. 

Number 2 Pencils

An easy and simple object to make picture frames out of are number 2 pencils. These pencils are easy to make into the perfect square or rectangle shape to frame your picture, and can easily be cut to fit. You will just want to glue the pencils together using a wood glue and then wait for them to dry to secure them into place. Picture frames made out of pencils are perfect for pictures that are being displayed in home or work offices, preschool, elementary and middle school classrooms, and anywhere else that you would like. Creating picture frames out of pencils would also be a great craft to do with your children because they are so fun and easy to make. 


Another cool thing to create picture frames out of are legos. You can build your picture frame by combing the legos together to form a rectangular shape to house your picture, or you can simply glue all of the legos together using a hot glue gun. You will then want to glue your picture onto the back of the legos and protect it with a small piece of cardboard that you glue on behind it. These picture frames are great for kids' rooms, especially a little boy's room. 

An Antique Window 

If you have a picture that you would really like to blow up to a large size and print off, then you can use an old, antique window frame to frame it with. If you can find a window that has windows panes going horizontally and vertically across it, this can add even more character to your frame. You can either keep the glass in the window and use it to protect your picture, or you can remove it. To protect the back you will want to get a thin piece of particle board or thick cardboard and use a nail gun to secure it into place behind your picture. 

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