Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your PondCreating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

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Creating a Landscape Feature Out of Your Pond

When I first bought my home, I was unsure about the man-made pond in the backyard. The water was green and there was no wildlife to be seen. I decided to work with the water feature instead of spending money on fill materials to get rid of the pond. I added a water fountain to the space first that featured a submersible pump and I later added fish. After installing a filtration system and an aeration device, my pond became the central landscaping feature on my property. I made a lot of mistakes as I completed the installations. I had to learn about the biological filtration and I had to figure out how to control algae with shade plants. I want you to have an easier time than I did creating a water feature, so read my blog to find out what you need to do.


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Two Commercial Vacuum Tips To Follow

Keeping your business's floors clean can seem like a major task if you do not have the right vacuum cleaner for the task. Commercial vacuums are designed to have the capacity needed to clean large floors that can rapidly accumulate large amounts of dirt and debris. Many business owners may not know much about these vacuums, but there are a couple of tips they can follow to help ensure they have a smooth experience using their commercial vacuums. 

Use The Hardwood Floor Setting

Many businesses have hardwood floors, and it is no secret that these can be expensive floors to replace or repair if they sustain damage. Sadly, some people may not realize that many vacuums have a separate setting for hardwood floors. This stems from the fact that the bristles on the vacuum can be strong enough to cause deep scratches to the floor. 

Unfortunately, if your hardwood floor sustains this type of major scratching, it can be almost impossible to repair the cosmetic damage. Luckily, you can avoid this by always using the hardwood floor setting or attachment if your vacuum has one. This simple act will help ensure that you do not accidentally damage the floor while you are cleaning it. 

Consider Investing In A Bagless Vacuum

Most people only think about the initial cost of buying a vacuum, and as a result, they may make the mistake of purchasing one that has an extremely high maintenance cost. For example, many vacuums require a bag to hold the dirt and debris that is removed from the floor, but these bags will need to be changed regularly. This can result in substantial costs over the course of owning the vacuum. 

To minimize usage costs of your vacuum, you should invest in one that is bagless. A bagless vacuum stores the debris in a canister that can simply be emptied. By avoiding the need to replace bags, you can lower the cost of keeping your business clean, and while these vacuums have filters that will need to be changed, these are far less expensive than bags. They will also only need to be changed every few months whereas bags may need to be changed weekly. 

Investing in a commercial vacuum can drastically enhance your ability to keep your business clean. Yet, these are highly expensive and complicated devices to own. By using the hardwood floor setting and opting for a bagless model, you can help avoid some routine problems and expenses that come with these tools. For more tips, contact a retailer like Sweeper World.